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Ticino October 2021

Ticino plays a special role in my life. In 1991 it was my honeymoon that brought us here. Afterwards we came to Ticino with the children for many years to celebrate Christmas without the commercial and social hype. After the divorce in 2005, the stay at Casa Giulietta in Gordevio was a blessing and gift from a dear elderly lady to be able to go on vacation with my 4 children. So adding up all individual week-long stays, I have stayed in Ticino for around 14 months in the last 30 years. Many family memories, love storys, feelings of my last relationship slumber silently here in Ticino. But every time I come back, I enjoy the enormous mountains, the magnificent colours of autumn, the last snow in spring, the rays of sunshine, the simplicity of life, the beautiful walks and this enormous variety of hiking opportunities. Whether altitude meters, long valley hikes, hikes with a view of the lake and bright sunshine, Ticino gives me strength and calms and stimulates my mind. But this visit/stay was a special one. I don’t work anymore and I wanted to prepare my world trip. But together with Emilie my step daughter a meditative reflective dynamic emerged, a real blessing of thoughts and feelings. So I understood that my world trip, which I had actually seen geographically, was also a very deep inner journey. Searching, reflecting, growing my personality, my thoughts, my thinking, my actions, searching my own spirituality.

Thank you Emilie .

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