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Finland August 2021

Updated: Oct 18, 2021

I had my first contact with Finland in Parnu (Estonia) when a Finish man asked me: "Where does this maritime flag come from?" I spontanly answered yes: it is the Luxembourgish maritime flag. My sailing friend from Parnu and his wife advised me to sail the archipelago. Accompanied by my daughter and son-in-law we sailed one of the largest archipelagos in the world. A magic landscape with an exceptional wildlife, very rural with no tourist season, aroused our curiosity and enthusiasm. The low salinity of the water creates its own flora and fauna. It was wonderful to hear thousands of fish jumping in the harbour at around 7:00 p.m., and that every evening.

From Hanko to Mariehamn we were constantly accompanied by gneiss and granite and often wooded areas, which makes sailing through often very narrow waterways a true adventure and experience, especially when cardinals are inhabited by storks, and consequently suddenly change their direction when approaching. Navigation errors or grounding are fatal here. But thanks to our navigation knowledge and excellent dynamics, we managed everything masterfully, including the rainy weather throughout the whole week.

I feel that this week travelling with my daughter and son-in-law was a great honour for me as a father. What is more respectful and greatful to parents than when their adult children: daughter and son, step-daughters, daughter-in-law and son- in-law can build a relationship as adults and are able to live together in mutual respect, friendship and love and even can travel or live together.

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