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Estonia August 2021

Updated: Oct 18, 2021

Estonia. 9th August to 24th August

I was really surprised by the difference between Latvia and Estonia. Not only the prices of food and the harbour fee was similar to western Europe, also people’s lifestyle. The landscape is similar to Lavia, and there are beautiful islands which you absolutely have to sail as a sailor.

In addition, even when you think to be in the middle of the sea, the water under your boat is not deep. The last Ice Age shaped these landscapes, and the land and the sea are quite flat. Fortunately, it was only sand underneath.

Due to a problem with the starter of my engine, which took 8 days to be fixed, I had my first ground contact as a sailor for this but I manage to come out by my own when I got stuck. People are just as helpful as in Latvia, though. There were the habourmaster and two mechanics whowanted to help me with the starter and invested so many hours to fix this problem without expecting to be paid. A woman who guided me through Tallinn and the national parc of Viru Rava. Mart and Jürki who even brought the starter from . the airport of Tallinn to the Habour of Dirhami, so that I could leave Estonia for Finland.

By travelling alone you are making really different experiences than when travelling in company. You do not have this certitude that there is somebody with you at all time, but I feel this spontaneity to live every day consciously and to accept the opportunities that the day offers as a gift.







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