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The travel plan

From a dream to a plan

Since I remember, travelling the world has been a dream of mine. I remember that the first ideas to travel stem from when I was about 7 or 8 years old. After university I began directly working as a teacher, and therefore travelling was only possible in the school holidays.
So, I decided that, after 30 years as a teacher and leader in different areas of education, in September 2021 my dream should come true.

Two different projects are planned for the moment:
•    First, I want to sail with my sailing boat along the coasts of Europe, from the Netherlands to the east and north of Europe, Scotland, Ireland, France, and Spain to reach after that the Mediterranian Sea to finish in the Black Sea.
•    Further, I wanted to cycle the Pan-American Highway from Argentina to Alaska. Due to the Corona pandemic this project is, however, getting more difficult, and I try to cycle first through different countries whose Covid measures let me travel in a normal way without too many restrictions. So, I will probably start in Central America (Martinique, Cuba, Puerto Rico).

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