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Daily overview:

28/07/2021: After some problems at Frankfurt Airport, I arrived in Riga at night

2/08/2021: The sailing boat is put in the water

4/08/2021: My first sailing after 2 years, one-handed to the port of Skulte

5/08/2021: A fisherman invited me to go out fishing, but does not show up

7/08/2021: After 45 miles of one-handed sailing, I arrived in Parnu

9/08/2021: For the first time this year I hit the ground of the sea 5km away from the coast. The sea is really not deep around Estonia. But here is only sand, and I managed to get out by myself after 15 minutes and could continue sailing 

11/08/2021: I reached Lounaranna harbour, a nice small harbour

13/08/2021: I sailed alone without engine into the harbour of Kuivastus in such a way that the harbour master continually made me compliments during 5 days. The starter was broken and had to be ordered, so I had a necessary break

14/08/2021: I took the bus to Tallinn to visit this wonderful city

17/08/2021: I sailed to Dirhami still waiting for the starter

22/08/2021: Tallinn by night

22/08/2021: Anne and Pol arrived two days ago in Tallinn. Still waiting for the starter

23/08/2021: We got the new starter after 10 days of waiting, so we could finally sail to Finland

24/08/2021: We crossed the Baltic sea and arrived after 50 miles in Hanko, Finland

25/08/2021: Interesting navigation

25/08/2021: You have to follow the green line

26/08/2021: We reached Korpostrom

27/08/2021: We sailed between many small islands in the Finnish archipelago and reached Degerby after 38 NM and an average speed of 5.5 kts

28/08/2021: Today we sailed on and reached Mariehamn after 25 Milles. Unfortunately, the first crew left me here. Louise and Cristian will accompany me to the Swedish archipelago on Monday

28/08/2021: Use an iron and you will get a super good soup

31/08/2021: The second crew arrived safely in Mariehamn. Today we sailed with an average speed of 6.6 kts and we arrived in Furusund, Sweden, after 42 miles

01/09/2021: We took a break in Finnhamn 

02/09/2021: First Swedish anchor manoeuvre in a bay.

03/09/2021 We stayed for three days sightseeing in Stockholm

07/09/2021: Louise's 25th birthday. We cooked garlic scampi.

08/09/2021: Skipper sailing and taking his afternoon napsimultaneously

09/09/2021: After a wonderful romantic night and breakfast in a bay near Nynamshamn we arrived after a great sailing trip of about 42 miles in Nyköping. Here Louise and Cristian left the boat

10/09/2021: The old crew left, and the young crew arrived

11/09/2021: Exhausted from the exertion of sailing in thick fog

12/09/2021: Yves took a shower in the open air, and I rode two bicycles to collect Rom from the neighbouring village

13/09/2021: On our way through the Göta Canal to Berg. 35 miles and lots of locks

15/09/2021: Sunrise on the Fascination

15/09/2021: My crew gave me a cake with a candle on the first official day off work. They are so nice to me. 😘😘😘 Thanks

16/09/2021: Nothing to report today. A lot of rain, good mood, only two locks, and no cake for my second day off work

17/09/2021: Reaching Sjördtrop. Swedish dance music and eating in a restaurant to celebrate our end of the Göta Kanal. 190 km, 58 locks in 5 days, a lot ofsun, one day of rain, a lot of laughing. Satisfied crew and skipper

18/09/2021: After finishing our “smoke on the water” - in reality we have had a small fire in the skipper’s room. We sailed and played with the spinnaker when crossing Lake Vänern (the largest lake in Europe) to the castle Läckö Slott with top speeds of 7.7 kn. Really nice sailing day after so many engine hours on the Göta Kanal

19/09/2021: We were in Vänersborg

20/09/2021: Thames disembarked and left us alone. 3 men in one boat! 

How would we manage the 4 locks the next morning in Trollhatten going up 32 meters?!

21/09/2021: 9 p.m. Finally in Göteborg after all the looks. The crew was already totally exhausted in the afternoon.

22/09/2021 : Marstrand

23/09/2021: We had a break, too much wind and rain. A perfect day to relax.

24/09/2021: We sailed very early in the morning to be in the port of Gullholmen before the recurring rain and storms. Great sailing trip with beautiful villages and optimal wind

And ... Yves did his first port manoeuvre

25/09/2021: Rom shows us his adopted homeland West Sweden with beautiful Gullholmen, and Smögen. We enjoy the best autumn sunshine and 14 knots of wind. Optimal weather to play with the sails high up in the wind and to visit the cities and countryside

26/09/2021: We arrived at Koster.We already took the sails off the (sailing)boat.

27/09/2021: We arrived in Strömstad. End of the sailing trip for the Fascination 2021. The boat will stay here out of the water for some years.

28/09/2021: Today it has been exactly two months since I left home. Two wonderful months with so many impressions, very nice encounters, short or long intensive conversations, new friends, other cultures, and many nautical miles, accompanied by Anne, Pol, Louise, Cristian, Thames Rom, and Yves.  

My dream comes true. Thanks to you for your virtual accompaniment.

1/10/2021: The Fascination is all wrapped up, like the Arc the Triomphe in Paris, but for more than just 10 days

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